WoodUbend Flower Garland | WUB0350

WoodUbend Flower Garland | WUB0350

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Customize your work with WoodUbend appliques and mouldings become flexible when heat is applied and can be bent to adhere to contoured or flat surfaces using good quality wood glue. A heat gun, electric griddle, or blowdryer works great to heat WoodUbend.

WoodUbend has all the properties of wood! It can be cut, drilled, sanded, painted, stained, varnished, or distressed.

1.38 x 1.18"

Easy to use just:

– Heat the WoodUBend moulding with a heat gun , hair dryer or on a pan.

– Apply glue to the surface or the entire back of the WoodUBend moulding.

– Press the moulding onto surface firmly.

– Heat once more.

– Remove excess glue with a Q-tip, baby wipe or wet paint brush.